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4th Conference on Reasoning and Logic of the Advanced Reasoning Forum

João Pessoa, Brazil
December 26, 2002-January 5, 2003

Presentations of work in progress were made at the conference which was held at the Hotel Tambaú in João Pessoa, Brazil.

Internal color functionalism William S. Robinson
An analogy against Penrose Stanislaw Krajewski
On models and theories, with applications to economics Richard L. Epstein
Identity and essence Mircea Dumitru
Metaphysical necessity Desidério Murcho
Reformed epistemology Fred Kroon
Implicit definitions and knowledge of logic Célia Teixeira
Zooming in on downward causation William S. Robinson
Classical predicate logic with non-referring names Richard L. Epstein
Critical thinking about quantifiers and Henkin quantifiers Stanislaw Krajewski
Surviving abduction Walter A. Carnielli

Also in attendance were Carolyn Kernberger, Rômulo do Rego, Rogéria Gaudencio, and Juliana Bueno.

On December 31, 2002 the Annual General Meeting of ARF was held, at which time Carolyn Kernberger was elected a Full Member of the Advanced Reasoning Forum, with all rights and obligations thereto pertaining. It was decided that a second volume of the Bulletin of Advanced Reasoning and Knowledge will be prepared:
 Submissions by members will be due in March.
 Members will be allowed to solicit papers from other scholars.
 Each paper shall be refereed, and final versions shall be edited by
  Richard L. Epstein and Carolyn Kernberger.

Members reported on their scholarly activities since the last meeting. Fragments of previously unknown scripture were also examined and scholarly analysis provided, with Fred Kroon being the newly designated H.P. of ARF, with all rights and obligations thereto pertaining.

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