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BARK Volume 2

Edited by Richard L. Epstein

with the members of the
Advanced Reasoning Forum
Copyeditor Carolyn Kernberger
Volume 2, 2004

Bulletin of Advanced Reasoning and Knowledge – Volume 2

BARK 2.1 Front Matter
BARK 2.2 Zen and the Art of Philosophy Maintenance by Desidério Murcho
BARK 2.3 Searle and Subjectivity by William S. Robinson
BARK 2.4 Relatedness Predicate Logic by Richard L. Epstein and Stanislaw Krajewski
BARK 2.5 Analyticity and a priori Knowledge by Célia Teixeira
BARK 2.6 Questioning Articles of Faith: A re-creation of the history and theology by David Isles
BARK 2.7 Just Imagine by Frederick Kroon
BARK 2.8 On Models and Theories, with applications to economics by Richard L. Epstein
BARK 2.9 Teaching Students How to Spot a Conclusion by Timothy A. D. Hyde
BARK 2.10 Godel's Theorem and Its Philosophical Interpretations: From mechanism to postmodernism by Stanislaw Krajewski
BARK 2.11 The Cambridge Controversies in Capital Theory by Jack Birner
Advanced Reasoning Forum members and contributors to this issue

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