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BARK Volume 1

New Europe College
Bucharest, Romania
July 2000

Bulletin of Advanced Reasoning and Knowledge – Volume 1

BARK 1.1 Front Matter
BARK 1.2 Preface
BARK 1.3 Arguments and explanations by Richard L. Epstein
BARK 1.4 Things that aren't there by Fred Kroon
BARK 1.5 Consciousness, materialism, and ideology by William S. Robinson
BARK 1.6 Modals and quantifiers by Mircea Dumitru
BARK 1.7 The problem of unwanted epistemic necessities by Célia Teixeira
BARK 1.8 The new theory of reference: Problems and solutions concerning proper names by Sorin Costreie
BARK 1.9 Generating necessary a posteriori truths by Desiderio Murcho
BARK 1.10 Ex contradictione non sequitur quodlibet by Walter A. Carneilli and Joao Marcos
BARK 1.11 Knowing the exact proportions is not enough by Stanislaw Krajewski
BARK 1.12 Discussion: On the ethics of killing dogs by Richard L. Epstein, William S. Robinson, Fred Kroon
Cartoon by Alex Raffi
Prizes and Announcements
Advanced Reasoning Forum members and contributors to this issue

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