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Critical Thinking, Fifth Edition

Richard L. Epstein with Michael Rooney

Paperback: $59.95 Ebook: $29.99
ISBN13 Hardcopy: 978-1-938421-32-7 ISBN13 Digital: 978-1-938421-33-4


This fifth edition of Critical Thinking by the noted logician Richard L. Epstein is practical, engaging, and easy to teach. Students enjoy and understand it because it is clear and has hundreds of examples using a cast of characters who reason as we do every day. More than 1,000 exercises lead students to be able to reason well in their courses and their lives. Essay writing lessons and visual writing lessons, using the cast of characters, teach students that first comes clear thinking and then comes clear writing. A complete and comprehensive Instructor’s Manual makes the text easy to teach and grade. New to this edition: chapters on explanations and reasoning in the sciences.

“An inviting and readable introduction ... Professor Epstein has raised the treatment of the subject to a new level, and I expect the book to be as much a stimulus to instructors as a boon to their students.” —Benson Mates

“A fabulous critical thinking text ... I can't tell you how easy and fun your text is for me and my students. Your pedagogy is top-notch. You are one in a million.” —Laura Canis, Baldwin-Wallace College

“(The text) is extremely well written and shows in a way I have not seen before how the business of argumentation—strength, validity, fallacies, and so on—constitutes a seamless whole, with discussion of one feature very naturally leading to discussion of other features.” —Fred Kroon, University of Auckland, New Zealand

“Epstein’s treatment of (analogies, induction, and cause and effect) is the best I’ve seen in texts of this type. Detailed, clear, accessible, yet rigorous and not oversimplified.” —Robert Hollinger, Iowa State University

“I love—love—your critical thinking text and workbook [...]Being able to get your text and workbook for fall has truly made my day. Thank you so much for keeping this text on the market. It is the perfect lead in to logic for students who can’t think critically.” —Carole Drew, Johnson C. Smith University

“I got my student evaluations back from last semester's Critical Thinking course, and my students *loved* the Epstein book. I even had a couple of majors in the course who expressed that they felt better able to handle philosophical argumentation as a consequence of the course. The evaluations were the best I've ever gotten, and I'm just sure that a lot of that has to do with the text. I 'll definitely be using it again in the fall.” —Thomas Riley, Department of Philosophy, Clarke College

"The students love your book and it's easy to use." —Kirk MacGregor, McPherson College

A letter from a prisoner

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