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C. L. Hamblin

Paperback: 24.99 Ebook: 21.99
ISBN13 Hardcopy: 978-1-938421-66-2 ISBN13 Digital: 978-1-938421-67-9


C. L. Hamblin’s Fallacies was the first full survey of the history of fallacies. His deep analysis of arguments and reasoning initiated much work on critical thinking. This is a reproduction of the original text of 1970.

The classic analysis of fallacies that has motivated much research and teaching.

Hamblin’s Fallacies “was the first full-length scholarly book on fallacies since the Middle Ages, and arguably since Aristotle’s Sophistical Refutations itself.” —Jim Makenzie, Informal Logic

“As important as it is as a historical study, Hamblin’s Fallacies is even more important today for its signal contribution to our understanding and analysis of informal arguments. . . . with its extensive historical overview and sharp analyses of the logical fallacies.” —John Plecnik and John Hoaglund

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