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An Introduction to Formal Logic Second Edition

Richard L Epstein

Paperback: $29.95 Ebook: $23.99
ISBN13 Hardcopy: 978-1-938421-52-5 ISBN13 Digital: 978-1-938421-53-2


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  • Intended for a course for students in philosophy, mathematics, linguistics, or computer science, and excellent for self-study.
  • Motivation is given for each formal concept and each step in building a formal logic in terms of formalizing reasoning. Summaries are given at important junctures in the book to keep students aware of what they are doing and where they are going.
  • Criteria of formalization are developed and applied to formalizing ordinary language reasoning in an example-analysis format.
  • More than 300 worked examples
  • More than 500 exercises with answers available on the web.

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